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Our photo albums in year 2023

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🕚 29 September 2023

2023 09 Florida

Trip in Florida (Miami Beach & Orlando)

🕚 16 September 2023

2023 miscellaneous Pictures

Some miscellaneous pictures witch are not in any albums.

🕚 07 September 2023

2023 01 (99-82) Odyssey Atlantis Med cruise

Our 94th Atlantis cruise was fantastic! We had a blast! We were aboard Odyssey of the seas, and we’ve sailed from Rome, Italy. Our departure was delayed due to a big storm and bad sea conditions. All the itinerary has changed! The ship stopped Palermo, on Naples, and in la Spezzia in Italy. Then we stopped in Villefranche, France - and finally in Ibiza, Spain.

🕚 04 August 2023

2023 08 Stockholm, Sweden

A family trip in Stockholm. (On Gaypride week)

🕚 15 July 2023

2023 07 (98-4) The Cruise (Aka La Demence Cruise)

This was our 4th 'la Demence' cruise. Officially called 'The cruise', it is organized by La Demence, the european biggest gay party in Brussels. Departing from Ravenna, in Italy. The stops are Saranda, Albany - Argostoli, Greece - La Valette, Malta and Catania, Italy. It was a very good one! We ***LOVED*** it!

🕚 25 June 2023

2023 06 Gaypride Paris

This year, and for the first time, inter-LGBT have decided to do a 'decarbonated' gaypride. Big Trucks, and Floats were forbidden. In the past, those floats were able to transform a classic protest in a gigantic party. Before, the floats were fun, and it was working well as we were able to gain many rights toward equality. This 'decarbonisation' seems to be some kind of greenwashing, as CO2 emission of 20 floats, divided by the number of participants makes really à very low emission per participant. Anyway, earth is dying, and inter-LGBT probably took this decision in good faith. But we still have so many rights to gain to reach equality. We watch all the parade, and it doesn't seems to me that bad after all. Even if the first part of gaypride was really boring. (Can you imagine, watching hundreds of thousands of people walking in silent or yelling unefficient slogans.) Luckily, the end was more interesting. Some associations were able to replace the big floats by big portable battery speakers on bicycles with trailers, and were able to recreate Floats ambiance. Let's hope the others associations will do the same in the next years if inter-LGBT decides to continue withouts floats. I saw a lot's of bad reviews on twitter. I understand that for those who gave up after 1 or 2 hours of boring stuff, didn't like it at all as the most interesting was at the end. I tried to avoid to film the boring parts. This gaypride was massive, with a lot of people. I would say around 500 000, but it's always hard to guess the right number.

🕚 18 June 2023

2023 06 Disneyland Paris Pride

Once again Disneyland Paris was celebrating diversity and Pride in this Disney official event. This was our 3rd time there, and we loved id. As usual, there was many things to do! A beautiful diversity Parade, Dances parties, 4 concerts (Bianca Costa, Christophe Willem, Calum Scott and Jenifer). Actually it was 3 concerts, as Calum Scott couldn't make it. And all this while the park and the restaurants were fully open. It was hard to make choices 😛.

🕚 09 June 2023

2023 05 New York City & Orlando Gaydays

Finally back to NYC after a long Covid crises break. We'll stay a few days, and we'll fly to Orlando, Florida for Disney Gaydays.

🕚 07 June 2023

2023 03 (97-12) Antwerp and RSVP cruise

A stop in Antwerp, Belgium, on our way to Florida. We spent some time in Orlando, and we drove to Miami. We sailed out of Miami onboard Norwegian Pearl. This RSVP gay cruise stopped in Key West, Florida - Harvest Caye, Belize - Colon, Panama - Cartagena, Colombia, and Georgetown, Cayman Island. This cruise was amazing once again!

🕚 13 February 2023

2023 02 (96-81) Harmony Atlantis Cruise

The big one! With more than 5100 passengers onboard, this cruise was the largest gay cruise ever. Harmony of the seas is the biggest cruise ship of the world. Departing from Fort Lauderdale, the cruise stopped in Labadee, Haiti - Orangestad, Aruba and Willemstad, Curacao. We'll spent a few days in Florida before the cruise

🕚 31 January 2023

2023 01 (95-80) Atlantis Prima Cruise

Last minute booking! Once gain, this Atlantis cruise was fantastic . Prima is definitely a beautiful ship! The weather was windy but almost perfect. Even if 2 stops has been canceled because of the wind, we did enjoy staying almost all the week on the ship. Food were spectacular on this ship. We're now ready for cruise number 96 in 6 days ...